Sanctioned person country

Karim Keita

Karim Keita is accused of having used his position as chairman of the National Assembly’s Security and Defense Commission to embezzle defence spending, secure bribes, and redirect contracts to his associates. Through his father, the former Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Karim Keita allegedly arranged to remove officials who did not support his corruption from …

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Allan Rodriguez

Rodriguez was the President of the Congress of Guatemala from 2020 to 2022 and is accused of awarding construction grants in exchange for financial kickbacks. According to the U.S. Treasury, he has also used his political influence to strike deals in exchange for bribes and facilitated bribes to others, including, for example, by allegedly offering …

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Rolando Castro

Rolando Castro is accused of using his position as Minister of Labor to influence unions to align with his Ministry’s interests. It is alleged that those who agreed were provided benefits such as expedited processing of their credentials or favoured access for international travel, while those who refused were exposed to harassment, retaliation and delayed …

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Conan Castro

Conan Castro is part of Nayib Bukele’s governmental administration, as the Presidential legal secretary. He is accused of using this position for personal gains, as well as obstructing investigations into misappropriations of public funds during the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Castro was already part of the U.S. Engel list, since July 2021, as …

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Ilan Shor

IIan Şor Ilan Shor is the Chairman of the Şor Party in Moldova, a populist opposition party, and is suspected of being one of the main beneficiaries of the 2014 Moldovan Bank Fraud Scandal. Shor was accused of bribery to secure his position as chair of the Banca de Economii in 2014 and fled Moldova …

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Iryna Litviniuk

Iryna Litviniuk and Dmitry Kudryakov allegedly led various corruption schemes involving politicians, judges, and government officials with the aim of exploiting the Guatemalan mining sector. Moreover, Litviniuk is accused of bribing public officials to ensure their support of Russian mining interests. [1] Information

Vladimir Plahotniuc

Former Moldovan government official, who supposedly engaged in state capture by exerting control over and manipulating key sectors of Moldova’s government, including the law enforcement, electoral, and judicial sectors. Plahotniuc is suspected to be one of the main beneficiaries of the Billion Dollar Bank Theft of 2014. [1] [2] Plahotniuc and his close family have …

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