Mehdi Ben Ali

مهدي بن علي Mehdi Ben Ali was allegedly complicit in the misappropriation of public money and in the misuse of office by his uncle, ex-President Ben Ali. He holds Tunisian and French nationality. [1] Information

Dorsaf Ben Ali

درصاف بن علي Daughter of former President Ben Ali, wife of also sanctioned businessman Slim Chiboub. Sentenced in April 2018 to two years imprisonment for appropriating a plot of land belonging to the Ministry of Defense in the city of Hammamet. [1] [2] Information

Slim Chiboub

سليم شيبوب Son-in-law of the former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, businessperson, and former head of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee, he fled to the United Arab Emirates after the revolution. Reports suggest his properties in Tunisia were confiscated, as well as his property in Switzerland. He returned to Tunisia in 2014 and …

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Mehdi Ben Gaied

مهدي بن قايد Son-in-law of the former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, married to also sanctioned Halima Ben Ali. He was arrested when trying to flee the country in 2011 but the court set him free later that year. Formerly CEO of Stafiem — Peugeot, residing at 4 rue Mohamed Makhlouf, Tunis. [1] …

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Cyrine Ben Ali

سيرين بن علي Daughter of former president Ben Ali from his first marriage with Naima el Kefi. She is a wife to formerly also sanctioned Marouene Mabrouk, who was removed from the EU sanctions list in 2018. [1] [2] Information