Ilko Zhelyazkov

Илко Желязков An alleged frontman to Delyan Slavchev Peevski, Zhelyazkov is alleged to have conducted a bribery scheme involving Bulgarian residency documents for foreign persons, as well as bribing government officials through various means in exchange for their information and loyalty. For example, as of 2019, Zhelyazkov was suspected of offering bribes to senior Bulgarian …

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Delyan Peevski

Делян Славчев Пеевски Peevski is alleged to have regularly engaged in corruption, using influence peddling and bribes to protect himself from public scrutiny and exert control over key institutions and sectors in Bulgarian society. In September 2019, Peevski was suspected of having actively worked to negatively influence the Bulgarian political process in the October 27, …

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Vassil Bojkov

Васил Божков Bojkov is reportedly Bulgaria’s richest man and is alleged to have bribed government officials on several occasions. Bojkov also allegedly planned to create a channel for Russian political leaders to influence Bulgarian government officials. He successfully evaded Bulgarian extradition on a number of charges levied in 2020, including leading an organized crime group, …

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