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Portrait Dmytro Tabachnyk

The former Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Tabachnyk is accused of abuse of office in the execution of state orders and implementation of public procurement. Together with his brother Mikhail, they are controllers of a number of enterprises that continue in business activity. He is now believed to be in Israel. 1, 2


Identifying information
Former Minister of Education and Science
Date of birth
Place of birth
Ukraine, Kiev
Country of residence
Dmitrii, Dimitry Volodymyrovych, Vladimirovich Tabachnyk, Tabachnik, Tabachnyc, Tabachnik
First and middle name(s)
Dmytro Volodymyrovych
Family members
Tatyana Nazarova (spouse), Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Tabachnyk (brother)
Suspected or confirmed links to legal entities

"Strategic Finance Group "TIKO" llc , "IDP" llc , "San11" llc , "Riotrade" llc , "Informational and Technology System" llc , "bk "Artbud" llc , "Technology and Consulting" llc , "Graal" llc 1

Estimates of assets returned


Type of sanctions
Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available
Start of sanctions