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Portrait Suzanne Thabet

Mubarak's wife Suzanne was born to a Welsh mother and an Egyptian father and is the mother of Alaa Mubarak and Gamal Mubarak. As First Lady, she was known for her charitable work, serving for a time as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization. After the ousting of her husband, her charitable work came under srutiny and she has been investigted for corruption. One such case has been an alleged misappropriation of funds and donations related to the Alexandria Library. 1


Identifying information
Spouse of Hosni Mubarak
Date of birth
Place of birth
Egypt, Al Minya Governorate
Country of residence
Suzanne Saleh Thabet, Sabet, Suzanne Mubarak
First and middle name(s)
Saleh Thabet
Family members
Hosni Mubarak (spouse), Alaa Mubarak (son), Gamal Mubarak (son), Mahmoud Gamal Mubarak (grandson), Omar Alaa Mubarak (grandson), Farida Gamal Mubarak (granddaughter), Mounir Sabet (brother)
Family members subject to sanctions
Suspected or confirmed overseas properties

London, Paris, Marbella (Spain), Dubai, Beverly Hills (US) 1, 2

Estimates of assets returned


Type of sanctions
Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available
Start of sanctions