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Portrait Hosni Mubarak

During his 30-year rule, Mubarak, his family and his close circle of advisers are alleged to have enriched themselves through partnerships in powerful Egyptian companies and stashed a large part of this wealth abroad, with media sources estimating this fortune at up to US$70 billion. Mubarak and his sons, Gamal Mubrarak and Alaa Mubarak, served three-year jail sentences on charges of embezzlement after the 2011 revolution and were ordered to pay a $17.5 million fine. In March 2017, Hosni Mubarak was released from detention after being acquitted of charges of killing protesters during the revolution, but remains under investigation for alleged corruption. He is said to reside in his private family residence in Cairo’s upscale district of Heliopolis. 1, 2


Identifying information
Former President
Date of birth
Place of birth
Egypt, Monufia Governorate, Kafr-El Meselha
Country of residence
Mohamed Hosni Elsayed Moubarak
First and middle name(s)
Mohamed Hosni El sayed
Family members
Suzanne Thabet (spouse), Alaa Mubarak (son), Gamal Mubarak (son), Mahmoud Gamal Mubarak (grandson), Omar Alaa Mubarak (grandson), Farida Gamal Mubarak (granddaughter)
Family members subject to sanctions
Suspected or confirmed links to legal entities

Pan World Investments Inc., Brick Nominees Limited 1

Suspected or confirmed overseas properties

London, Paris, Marbella (Spain), Dubai, Beverly Hills (US) 1, 2

Suspected or confirmed links to bank accounts

Spain (€18.4 million), Switzerland ($650 million) 1, 2, likely also Germany, UK, the US 3 and BVI 4

Suspected or confirmed links to other assets

Spain (five luxury cars) 1

Estimates of assets frozen or confiscated

€28 million in Spain 1, around US $650 million in Switzerland - later lowered due to reconciliations in Egypt 2, and £85m in the UK 3

Estimates of assets returned

$34 million belonging to businessman Ahmed Ezz, who was removed from the sanctions list in 2018 1

Type of sanctions
Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available
Start of sanctions