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Portrait Leila Trabelsi

Leila Trabelsi was born in 1957. Before marrying Ben Ali in 1992, she worked as a hairdresser. She is alleged to have taken away 1.5 tonnes of the central bank's gold worth approximately US $50 million when fleeing Tunisia with her family. Leila Trabelsi, her husband Hosni Mubarak and their children Halima and Mohamed are said to currently reside in Saudi Arabia. 1, 2, 3


Identifying information
Spouse of Ben Ali
Date of birth
Place of birth
Tunisia, Tunis
Country of residence
Saudi Arabia
Leïla Ben Ali
First and middle name(s)
Leila Bent Mohamed Ben Rhouma
Family members
Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (spouse), Nesrine Ben Ali (daughter), Halima Ben Ali (daughter), Cyrine Ben Ali (daughter), Dorsaf Ben Ali (daughter), Ghazoua Ben Ali (daughter)
Family members subject to sanctions
Suspected or confirmed overseas properties

Property in Frankfurt, Germany, belonging to one of her daughters 1

Suspected or confirmed links to bank accounts

German accounts 1

Suspected or confirmed links to other assets

Gold ingots 1

Estimates of assets frozen or confiscated

Unknown amounts in Germany 1

Estimates of assets returned

$28.8 million hidden from a Lebanese bank account controlled by Leila Trabelsi 1

Type of sanctions
Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available
Start of sanctions