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Portrait Imed Trabelsi

Imed was believed to be a favorite nephew of Laila Trabelsi, the wife of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. He was born in Tunis on 26 August 1974 to Najia Jeridi. Imed was a businessman and it is believed that together with Belhassen Trabelsi they controlled a large part of the Tunisian business sector. He was stabbed during the revolutionary protests in Tunisia but survived and was arrested together with other relatives during an attempt to flee Tunisia. Known for enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, Imed was accused of and placed under judicial investigation over the alleged theft of a yacht from a French businessman in 2006. 1, 2


Identifying information
Nephew of Ben Ali's spouse
Date of birth
Place of birth
Tunisia, Tunis
First and middle name(s)
Mohamed Imed Ben Mohamed Naceur Ben Mohamed
Family members
Mohamed Naceur Trabelsi (father), Houssem Trabelsi (brother), Yosra Trabelsi (sibling), Rhouma Trabelsi (sibling), Amine Trabelsi (brother), Najia Jeridi (mother)
Family members subject to sanctions
Estimates of assets returned


Type of sanctions
Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available
Start of sanctions